5 Most Common Drug Relapse Triggers

Posted: December 28, 2015 by

what you need to know about relapse


Addiction treatment focuses on identifying the things that triggers an individual in using drug or alcohol in order to prevent chances of relapsing in the future. These triggers can destroy all the things that you have done in your recovery process if you’re not watchful.

So what are the 5 most common triggers that can cause an individual to relapse?
  • Old troubles and old company – When you have completed your recovery, it is recommended to avoid places and people where you usually do drugs or alcohol. Returning home might be difficult, and old friends might want to check you out. If old company is still using drugs and alcohol, it is better to keep away from them. Just always remember to keep your focus on your recovery. You can then instead spend time with new friends in recovery or old friends who are sober.
  • Saying ‘just once’ – This maybe a simple toast in a reception, a glass of wine in a dinner, or maybe a joint that is passed around at a party, yes it may be simple and small but always remember that alcoholism is a tolerant disease. A one glass of drink may lead into a whole lot more if you’re not being watchful. With just simply having a drug or alcohol on hand may trigger you to use again. One sip of alcohol can quickly turn into a shot, which eventually will turn into binge drinking. If it happens once, it will surely happen again. Until such point that you’re back to your old habit again or it might even be worse.
  • Relationships that are toxic – It can be a high maintenance relationship, an overly dramatic relationship, an argument with a friend or roommate. Sometimes these relationships can make you feel angry, jealous, depressed, insecure, and irritable, which eventually can lead to relapse. Having these kinds of relationships can make you feel like you want to get high or drink alcohol before you have to face the person, or for you it’s the only way that can make you feel calm after an argument with them. But a piece of advice, just surround yourself with people who are positive and supportive who can go a long way in helping you on maintain balance and stability in your treatment.
  • Choices which are unhealthy – are you camping out in front of the TV? Eating too much junk food? Or drinking too much coffee to stay up until early in the morning? Well, these activities are not healthy and they don’t provide positive structure in your life. These things will not also help you maintain good physical health, and mood balance. You should make good decisions on having a healthy diet, good sleeping pattern, and having a daily exercise, this then will increase your ability on staying focus on the positive goals of your recovery and will help you from having a relapse.
  • High-pressure circumstances – High-pressure circumstances are like enrolling in a university, working many hours to stay busy and in order to pay debts but sometimes overdoing it can put a lot of pressure in you, which can triggers to relapse.
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