Addiction Recovery Treatment at its Finest

Addiction treatment has come a long way in the past century, but to a great degree, people who suffer from addiction are still stigmatized in our society. A great number of people don’t understand what addiction is or what causes it, and therefore view it as a moral failing on the part of the addicted individual.

Boston Drug Alcohol Rehab knows the problems many addicted people face—isolation and rejection by their workplaces, classmates, and loved ones. There’s a very real need for discretion and compassion in rehab. Our intake team has introduced an efficient induction process which assesses the patient’s level of addiction and builds a personalized treatment plan around their needs. Boston Drug Alcohol Rehab ‘s rehabilitation facilities are well-appointed, filled with the latest amenities, relaxed, calming, comfortable, and safe.


The Intake Process

At Boston Drug Alcohol Rehab, the intake process includes the following three phases:

  1. Part one begins with you or your loved one’s initial phone call to Boston Drug Alcohol Rehab. You will be put in touch with an admissions counselor, who will remain with you throughout the duration of the rehabilitation process. The counselor will ask questions about you or your loved one’s drug habits, assessing the length and intensity of their drug use and the presence or absence of any co-occurring disorders such as schizophrenia or depression. This is the first step to building an individualized treatment regimen around you or your loved one.
  2. Insurance verification is the next step. Your counselor and you will discuss payment options, insurance carriers, coverage, and benefits until a complete payment plan is formulated and arranged.
  3. An intervention may or may not be necessary to convince your loved one to enter treatment (see below). After insurance verification and transportation to the facility have been completed, a 45- to 90-day period of rehabilitation begins, and you or your loved one is well on the way to recovering his or her sobriety!


Recovery is always possible. You don’t have to feel alone and forsaken anymore—call (617) 209-4044 today and speak to Boston Drug Alcohol Rehab’s friendly operators about rehab.


Intervention: A Useful Tool

If your loved one is recalcitrant and can’t accept that he or she has an addiction problem, Boston Drug Alcohol Rehab can assist you with arranging an intervention: a conference between you, your family, your loved one, and any friends or family members who have been adversely affected by your loved one’s substance abuse. This non-confrontational and constructive meeting will convince your special person to enter treatment. Boston Drug Alcohol Rehab can help you prearrange transportation to the rehab facility immediately following the intervention session, assuming it ends successfully.

There’s no better time than now to enter treatment. Get help for your loved one today with a call to Boston Drug Alcohol Rehab. For more information, dial (617) 209-4044 to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives.


Entering Boston Drug Alcohol Rehab’s Facility

Upon arrival, patients will be shown to their rooms at Boston Drug Alcohol Rehab ‘s spacious residential facility. Rooms may be occupied singly or (more commonly) shared. Boston Drug Alcohol Rehab emphasizes safety, constructive behavior, and personal responsibility in its living spaces, with a house manager available 24/7 and a maximum of ten clients in-house. The residential facility is tastefully appointed and generously equipped, and includes:

  • Expansive layout, dining room, and fully-furnished kitchen
  • Meals included
  • Rec room with big-screen TV and other diversions
  • Free detergent and laundry machines
  • Open-air backyard and pool area
  • Transport back and forth between residential facility and rehabilitation center


Your safety, comfort, and recovery are the top priorities at Boston Drug Alcohol Rehab’s residential rehab facility. Call 617-209-4044 today for more information.


How Therapy Can Help

Therapy forms a vital linchpin of the recovery process. Therapists’ role is a dual one: they educate patients about the insidious ways addiction takes control of the healthy brain, and they also urge patients to confront the personal issues which led to them becoming addicted in the first place. In group and individual settings, therapists encourage patients to recall their experiences when they were addicted, face the true reasons underlying their addiction episode, and prepare themselves to fight relapse. Counselors condition patients to respond positively to temptation and cravings, empowering them to remain alcohol- and drug-free after rehab concludes. Yoga, meditation, art, music, and other activities are all offered as part of the recovery regimen at Boston Drug Alcohol Rehab.


Aftercare and Community

Recovery is an ongoing process. No one is ever “cured” of their addiction; it’s something which must be actively resisted for the remainder of the individual’s life. Certain post-rehab environments can be conducive to recovery; others can be harmful to it. It’s a fact that a person’s chances of continued sobriety vastly increase if they enroll in a support group or join a therapeutic community upon finishing rehab. A support network of fellow recovering individuals will engender a sober, healthy, moderate lifestyle and forestall relapse.

Boston Drug Alcohol Rehab ‘s mission is to restore you to the level of health and functionality you had before you became addicted—and then some. With access to Boston’s best and brightest therapists and counselors, not to mention aftercare programs available through Boston Drug Alcohol Rehab ‘s outpatient facilities, you’ll have a 24-hour web of like-minded peers and expert medical personnel ready to help you should you ever falter or stumble. Your admissions counselor is always available to take your calls, and you have access to as much ongoing outpatient therapy as you’d prefer. Even after your stay in rehab ends, your recovery continues with all the services Boston Drug Alcohol Rehab  can provide.


What We Can Offer You

Boston Drug Alcohol Rehab ‘s dedication to your recovery doesn’t end with aftercare or outpatient therapy. If you should happen to relapse within a year of graduating from rehab, Boston Drug Alcohol Rehab  can provide a four-week maintenance and remedial treatment program free of charge. You can get another round of treatment with all the same therapeutic benefits and reinforcement you experienced before without paying another cent. That’s the measure of Boston Drug Alcohol Rehab ‘s commitment to your lasting sobriety.

Don’t wait another day to get the help you or a loved one needs. Call 617-209-4044 to get the ball rolling on competent addiction treatment today.